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Alison Dibble: Interpreting the world into the language of paint

Alison Dibble Fine Art

Alison said: "I delight in expressing in oil paint and watercolors my intense curiosity about the world."

"There's a mystery to solve. What feeling do I have about my subject? I want to communicate that feeling in the painting in such a way that a viewer might find it there. Maybe the painting will tell a story, evoke a memory, inspire creativity, or bring to mind a special person. Eventually the painting is out of my hands and in the life of someone else. It remains part of me, while I'm on to the next mystery."

Fine art paintings by Alison Dibble are original, one-of-a-kind, and many are available for sale. Packing, handling and shipping are included in the price shown with each product description. If applicable, sales tax will be added at checkout. Thank you for looking! Peace to you.

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Nancy from Boulder, Colorado, USA said:

“Every morning when I wander into the kitchen bent on breakfast I am greeted by your painting of apricots on my wall. Soft, warm and comforting. “Good. Morning. Love,” these apricots say to me. What a sweet treat for my soul. Thank you for your talent and your willingness to share it with the rest of us.”

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