Marsh in May


The marsh grasses are capturing the sun’s energy while the tanbark schooner sails lightly by.


Marsh in May, by Alison Dibble, is an original, one-of-a-kind fine art painting. It is oil on canvas, 24 x 30 inches (61 x 76 cm), in a wood frame, ready to hang. The price ($1900 USD) includes shipping within the lower 48 states in the USA*.

This beautiful tidal marsh in Maine has captured my imagination, especially when I saw the acres of marsh grasses in full growth during mid spring. That vibrant green! I painted over another painting (it was a portrait of a young girl guarding her family’s property after the Bangor, Maine fire of 1911). I like to do that now and then because the energy that went into the earlier work is still there on the canvas, and it contributes to the development of the new painting. (I don’t sand off the earlier painting though I might lightly scrape down some protruding paint if I think it’s necessary.)

The boat at upper right in this painting is reminiscent of a famous windjammer Angelique, an elegant schooner that takes passengers out for days at a time, often from the Camden, Maine area. The people come to relax and explore the rugged coast. Here, the tide is in but the schooner is making its way back out to deeper water because when the tide goes out, everywhere in this marsh is mud.

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*For shipping to other destinations please inquire.

A portion of the proceeds from sale of this painting goes to nonprofits that support local efforts in Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mongolia, and elsewhere.