Lubec Channel Light


Fine art painting. The tides in Lubec are especially big, with a vast mud flat at the channel. I went out in the foggy dawn to paint the lighthouse.


Lubec Channel Light by Alison C. Dibble is an original plein air oil painting, 10 x 8 inches (25.4 x 20 cm), oil on panel, in a dark blue wood portrait frame, $500.  Ready to hang. The price includes shipping in the lower 48 states of the USA*.

I got up at 4 am on a spring day when the tide was extremely low, drove to the parking spot, and hiked in the fog along the edge of Lubec Channel in Downeast Maine. This was not a particularly smart thing to do because this is an enormous mud flat, the distance was 0.9 miles, and the tide comes in very fast across the expanse of mud, so if I had fallen or had a heart attack, I could have been in big trouble. But none of that happened. I picked my way along peering into thick fog, anxious about finding the lighthouse. Was I lost? Finally I saw it. I set up my easel and painted rapidly because the tide was already turning. Some cormorants needed to be in the picture.

This unusual lighthouse is one of only a few plug lighthouses. It is automated and privately owned, and retains all its charm. I couldn’t walk all the way to the structure because it’s out in the channel, but I got close enough to satisfy myself. Then I made my way back along the incoming tide, and was relieved to arrive back at my car safely. I went back the next day in the sun and clear skies to relive my adventure and make more sketches.

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