Just before winter

The oak leaves were still on some trees on the lower slopes, but most of the hills above Penobscot Bay were bare and ready for the cold. Across the Bay we could see all the islands in the clear air.


Just before winter is a large, partial panorama landscape painting of lower Penobscot Bay, Maine. It is an original one-of-a-kind fine art painting by Alison C. Dibble, and was painted on site in Lincolnville with two panels (diptych). Oil on canvas, 24 x 96 x 1.5 inches. It has already found a home. Thank you.

It was November, but relatively mild, and we were pleased to have a little break in the cold just before winter. When we arrived we thought we had permission and plenty of time. In the morning sun, the nonstop view of Penobscot Bay was thrilling. I spread an old bed sheet out on the lawn, put two canvasses together end-to-end, and began with a large brush, big gobs of paint, and my brisk, take-no-prisoners approach. I quickly captured the composition and colors. But then we were told we couldn’t stay as a meeting was about to take place. Not a worry! I threw everything in the car and went on to the shore to finish up at a different location, and made a few more adjustments back at home. I think I managed to keep the energy of the outdoor start on this painting, the loose suggestions of the details without getting out the small brush.

Thank you to the friends who purchased this painting.

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