Baxter Peak to Knife Edge


Out in the open air, first you choose your subject. Then you must decide: will you try for a photorealistic representation, or explore how you feel about that subject? In Baxter Peak to Knife Edge, I chose the latter. This is sacred ground for the people of the Penobscot Nation and figures prominently in their creation story. I think of this when I am painting Katahdin.


Baxter Peak to Knife Edge is an original fine art oil painting by Alison C. Dibble. It is painted on a Raymar panel, and is 16 x 20 inches (40.6 x 51 cm). It is in a burnished gold wood frame, and is ready to hang. The price ($1300) includes packing, handling and shipping within the lower 48 states of the USA*.

I was with my friends painting at Millinocket Lake, using my technique of painting through the binoculars (for another example see The Cuckolds Light). That involved memorizing what I was seeing, then looking away to paint. I check back through the binoculars to see if I got it the way I wanted it.

Some years ago I hiked the ridge on Katahdin with friends. I had good weather, no wind, and stunning views. However, that can be one dangerous trail when the fog, or worse, lightning are part of the experience!

Some optical effects were apparent through the binoculars, such as misty atmospherics in the lower elevations. I made sure this was part of the painting as I think this added mystery, and helped convey the enormity of this wild mountain. Katahdin is sacred to the people of the Penobscot Nation and is featured in their story of origin.

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A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this painting will be sent to charities that aid local efforts of the people of Cuba, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mongolia, and elsewhere.