Available Alison Dibble fine art painting

Bug-on-a-stick moss, Buxbaumia aphylla

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-25 / Comments Off on Bug-on-a-stick moss, Buxbaumia aphylla

Bug-on-a-stick is not an insect. That’s just the common name for this architectural marvel of the Liliputian world of mosses.

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Daffodils at midday

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-06 / Comments Off on Daffodils at midday

The daffodils remained colorful for weeks. They seemed to be begging me to come paint them.

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Gentle reflections

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-25 / Comments Off on Gentle reflections

A large abstract painting expresses peacefulness, a quiet evening, still water disturbed only by the slow stroke of the canoe paddle.

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Michelle’s roses

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-05 / Comments Off on Michelle’s roses

Fine art oil painting. Before the birthday roses could be given away, they had to get painted.

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Red daylilies

By Alison Dibble / 2020-11-25 / Comments Off on Red daylilies

How red can a flower be? These daylilies are surely among the contenders.

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Royal lady slipper orchids in cedar swamp

Royal ladies slipper orchids

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-01 / Comments Off on Royal ladies slipper orchids

Royal ladies slipper orchids, by Alison C. Dibble, is a large, original oil paintings that puts the viewer right in the forest, but without the pesky insects.

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Water lily morning

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-05 / Comments Off on Water lily morning

Fine art watercolor painting. I found the tipping point for my canoe while obtaining the reference photos for this painting, and got rather wet.

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Wild irises

By Alison Dibble / 2020-08-09 / Comments Off on Wild irises

Fine art painting. Striking blue-purple flowers were on stiff stems taller than my waist. I sat on a little stool and watched bumble bees coming to the flowers while I was painting them.

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