Onward to painting in series. I had shied away from this approach because the idea of painting the same thing over and over had little appeal. I wanted to learn how to paint many kinds of subjects, didn’t want to limit myself. But now I see a possibility that I might find some deeper meaning in my subject if I pursue it beyond the first impressions and early impulses. I’ll peel back the layers and uncover some aspect that I didn’t notice at first, some hidden treasure.

I’ve painted Katahdin (Maine’s highest mountain, a mile above sea level) many times before, but this time I looked at it from a new angle, and some storm clouds made their way across the sky. Below here see a sample.

Alison Dibble, Katahdin from overlook in the National Monument, oil on panel 18 x 24 inches, PRIVATE COLLECTION

Other new paintings are coming! I like to think that the best ones are out ahead of me.

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Alison Dibble is painting to wage peace through creativity.